NSS Conservation Division:  
Division Chiefs
Jim C. Werker and Val Hildreth-Werker
PO Box 207
Hillsboro NM 88042-0207
(voice) 505-895-5050
Conservation Committee
Jim C. Werker, Co-Chairman
Val Hildreth-Werker, Co-Chairman
PO Box 207
Hillsboro NM 88042-0207
(voice) 505-895-5050
Conservation SubCommittee
Agreements Coordinator
Cindy Gropp
PO Box 8611
Moscow ID 83843-1111
(home) 208-883-3671
(e-mail) cmgropp@iduil.csrv.uidaho.edu
Conservation SubCommittee
Newsletter Editor
Jay Jorden
11201 County Road 132
Celina TX 75009-2527
(home) 214-382-2458
(e-mail) jjorden@texoma.net
Conservation SubCommittee
Fauna Protection Coordinator

Don McFarlane
W.M. Keck Science Center
The Clermont Colleges
925 N Mills Ave
Clermont CA 91711-5916
(work) 909-621-8000 x2564
(fax) 909-621-8588
Conservation SubCommittee
Conservation Task Force Coordinator
David Jagnow
PO Box 93398
Albuquerque NM 87199-3398
(phone) 505-898-3100
(e-mail) david@jagnow.com or
Conservation SubCommittee
Conservation Grants
Jim C. Werker
NSS Conservation Grants
PO Box 207
Cuna Cueva Hwy 27
Hillsboro, New Mexico 88042-0207
voice: 505.895.5050
e-mail: werks@zianet.com
Conservation SubCommittee
State Legislation Coordinator

John W. Clark Jr
Clark & Scott
PO Box 380548
Birmingham AL 35238-0548
Conservation SubCommittee
Liason for International Speleothem Protection
Thomas Lera
7733 Inversham Dr Apt 167
Falls Church VA 22042-4448
(home) 703-560-8372
(e-mail) frontier2@erols.com
Conservation SubCommittee
Conservation Webmaster
John M. Wilson
9504 Lakewater Court
Richmond Virginia 23229
(phone) 804-740-0339
(email) wilsonjml@msn.com
website: www.wilsonj.org
Vandalism Deterrence Reward Commission
Jay Jorden, Chairman
11201 County Road 132
Celina TX 75009-2527
(home) 972-382-2458
(e-mail) jjorden@texoma.net
Resource Preservation Committee
David Joaquim, Chairman
8120 E Mitchell Dr
Scottsdale AZ 85251-5812
(phone) 480-970-8186
(e-mail) caveconservation@hotmail.com
Mammoth Cave Restoration Committee
Roy Vanhoozer, Chairman

1813 Normandy Rd
Lexington KY 40504-2226
(phone) 859-278-5114
(e-mail) rvanhoo@aol.com
Geo-Caching Committee
Hazel A. Barton
Department of Biological Science
Natural Science Center SC344
Nunn Drive
Highland KY 41076
(e-mail) hazel@cavescience.com
Conservation Task Forces:  
Central Oregon CTF
Garry Petrie
19880 NW Nestucca Dr
Portland OR 97229-2877
(home) 503-690-5456
(work) 503-264-3027
(e-mail) gp@europa.com
Germany Valley CTF
Barry Chute
3008 Spencerville Rd
Burtonsville MD 20866-1514
(home) 301-421-9372
Hawaii Caves CTF
Fred Stone
PO Box 1430
Kurtistown HI 96760-1430
(work) 808-974-7550
(work) 808-933-3550
High Guads Restoration Project (HGRP) CTF
Jennifer Foote, HGRP Co-Leader
Susan Herpin, HGRP Co-Leader
(email) highguads@yahoo.com
Klamath Mountains CTF
Steve Knutson
41811 SE Louden Rd
Corbett OR 97019-9302
(home) 503-695-2659

Pennsylvania Cave Legislation CTF
Judi Stack
1132 Piketown Rd
Harrisburg PA 17112-9057
(home) 717 469-0101

Lost River Conservation Association
Robert Armstrong
3101 N Washington Blvd
Indianapolis IN 46205-3932
(home) 317 926-4266
Mount Adams Cave CTF
Ed Kuedell
5940 SW Illinois Street
Portland OR 97221-1652
(e-mail) mapperhd@home.com
Boone Karst Conservation Task Force
Chris Hacker
7723 Oakhill Road
North Royalton OH 44133-6856
(phone) 40-582-0282
(e-mail) rchacker66@aol.com
Teton CTF
Warren Anderson
PO Box 811
Wilson WY 83014-0911
(home) 307 733-9168
Sloans Valley Karst CTF
Dr Hillary Lambert Hopper
1858 Marlboro Dr
Lexington KY 40505-1655
(home) 606 299-4054
(work) 608 257-7041
(e-mail) hlhopper@uky.campus.mci.net
Peppersauce Cave Conservation Project CTF
Ray Keeler
26406 N 43rd Ave
Glendale AZ 85310
(home) 623-561-2917
(e-mail) rkeeler@pcslink.com
Cumberland Plateau CTF


High Guads Restoration Project(HGRP) CTF


HGRP was created in 1998 as part of an agreement to replace the proposed Fee Demo Program in the Lincoln National Forest in the Guadalupe Mountains in southern New Mexico. Typical work includes flowstone cleaning, formation repair, trail creation and repair, cave monitoring, impact mapping, survey, exit bat counts, fieldwork for scientific studies, and teaching restoration and conservation to new cavers. Since 1998 the Project has contributed over a third of a million dollars worth of volunteer value.


Jennifer Foote, HGRP Co-Leader

Susan Herpin, HGRP Co-Leader

Contact at highguads@yahoo.com