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Use this form to nominate an NSS group or grotto for the conservation awards presented by the Cave Conservation and Management Section of the NSS.

This form may be modified by inserting as much text as needed in the appropriate places. Attachments may also be sent.  If information is not available for an activity, please complete as much of the form as is practical.


It is highly recommended that nominators review the criteria for these award published on this website before completing this form. The Chair of the Section Award Committee, John M. Wilson, is not an award judge and therefore may be available to advise nominators on nominating procedures. You may call 804-741-4274.

Return this form to the Chair before 10 June of the year of nomination; preferably by email to:  jmwgeo@gmail.com


Mark with x the award for which this nomination is made:

_____ NSS Group Conservation Award

_____ NSS Grotto Conservation Award


Name of group or grotto __________________________________________


Mark with an x the relationship type of the group to NSS   Grotto nominations should skip this question.

___ Commissions

___ Committee

___ Subcommittee of ________________ Committee

___ Conservancy

___ Expeditions

___ Projects

___ Region

___ Section

___ Survey

___ Taskforce

___ Affinity Group

___ Sub unit of any of the above, Explain _____________________________________

___ Institutional Member - Are institutional dues current?  __Yes __ No


Contact person who represents the group or grotto _______________________


Email address ___________


Phone number__________


In either outline or narrative form, describe any significant conservation activity(s) conducted by the organization. The following list is a guide of the type of information that is helpful to the judges. However, descriptions of conservation projects can be in any format.  You may, at your option, use the number(s) of the Conservation Types below to classify the activities or projects. These items are examples of conservation activities; however, other types of cave conservation projects are appropriate and may be listed.


This type is information is helpful to the award judges, if it is available.


Conservation Type (examples)

1.   Protecting and restoring karst and cave habitat for troglobites and cave adapted life,

  1. Appropriate gating, fencing, and posting of caves and cave properties,
  2. Repairing and maintaining of gates and helping other organizations to do the same,
  3. Conducting or supporting cave restoration such as removing graffiti and trash, repairing and reattaching broken speleothems, damaged cave floors, removing inappropriate artificial fill, and cleaning speleothems or other cave surfaces,
  4. Doing karst land cleanups such as removing debris and trash from sinkholes and recharge areas,
  5. Enforcing cave protection laws and assisting authorities with the apprehension and prosecution of cave vandals,
  6. Working to establish and strengthen laws and regulations that protect and conserve caves and karst lands,
  7. Actively working to decrease the sale of speleothems,
  8. Educating public officials to appropriate land use in karst areas,
  9. Opposing inappropriate land use in karst areas,
  10. Establishing and supporting cave conservancies and preserves,
  11. Providing wealth and resources (donating funds) for cave conservation and management,
  12. Assisting landowners with the protection and conservation of karst resources,
  13. Educating cavers to become proactive conservationists,
  14. Conducting educational outreach such as cave conservation presentations and publications aimed at the general public,
  15. Encouraging show cave owners and managers to take every practical opportunity to aid the public in understanding caves and the importance of their conservation,
  16. Assisting private cave owners by providing historical and biological knowledge about their cave and helping them protect it and the surrounding property from damage during cave visits and from inappropriate land use,
  17. Other cave and karst conservation activities and accomplishments. Explain.


Explain how the group or grotto has done the following. (Additional optional information)

The potential award recipient should have institutionalized accepted cave conservation and cave management practices within its activities.  Cave activities, projects, meetings, and other events should be conducted in a manner that reflects a strong conservation ethic and contemporary cave management methodology. Its leaders and members should be proactive cave conservationists. The potential award recipient should be an exemplary model for all NSS internal organizations and committees to emulate. Use as much space as necessary.


Provide any other information that would assist the judges in determining the merits of this nomination. Attachments are acceptable.



Name of person making this nomination ______________________________________________


Phone _____________________     Email _____________________________________________