Group and Grotto Conservation Awards

Presented by the Cave Conservation and Management Section

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These awards are given annually to an NSS group and an NSS grotto that do the most for cave conservation and management. They are a continuation of the NSS Conservation Award that was presented from1975 to 1993 to an internal organization. In 1994, the NSS changed criteria of the Conservation Award. Under the new rules the NSS Award has always gone to an Individual. The Section decided to continue the group award in order to encourage NSS groups to work for cave conservation.


Each award recipient gets a check for $100 and a certificate. Each award consists of a plaque with the names of all past recipients engraved on it.

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The lower part of the plaque is covered so the 2005 recipients are not shown prior to award convention.

To nominate a grotto or group for the Award, send your nomination to John M. Wilson, chair of the Section Awards Committee.

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