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Bud Fisher, the Scout Master of BSA Troop 17 of Saint John's Church, was know for providing lots of hiking opportunities for the scouts.  In the years between 1954 and 1960, I must have earned hiking merit badge 5 times over. One of the more interesting hikes was a circuit from the Carvins Cove boat dock up Big Tinker Mountain, then along the Appalachian Trail past Sail Rock, then down Little Tinker at Turkey Rock through woods to Carvins Cove, then along the shore to the boat dock.  I thought it would be an interesting family hike to do part of it, and for me to see this area again.

The City of Roanoke has put a service road which doubles as a bike trail around the cove on the lower slope of Little Tinker.  The 29th of November was a cold windy day and with the drive from Richmond, Mary and I decided to go directly to the Sail Rock area. It had been thirty years since been there; however, with the deciduous leaves off the trees I figured, it would not be very difficult to find by going straight up the mountain from the bike trail. With bikes we got to the base of the maintain, fortunately at the right place,

These sandstone rocks have been tilted almost vertically in many places. The most prominent rock in this group is sail rock and can easily be seem from the valley below in Botetourt County.  Unfortunately vandals have painted the underside of it with graffiti. It would be a worthwhile conservation project to remove the graffiti.  Some of the other interesting rocks are not right on the trail and seem to get very little visitation.  Perhaps this is partially due to the fact that the rocks are hidden by trees growing among them.

Some of the rocks have names. If I did not know the name I gave it one to use temporally as listed below.

Twin Sikes, Turkey Rock, Dragon Teeth
Carvins Cove, The Window
Turkey Rock Shelter Cave, Same, Same
Turkey Rock, Crevice, Small Spikes
Turkey Rock
Below Horse Rock, Twin Spikes (Turkey Rock and Horse Rock)
Club Rock, Sail Rock, Sail Rock
John M. Wilson
Mary Wilson
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Photos by John And Mary Wilson