Perkins Cave

Washington County, Virginia

The gated main entrance is in a small sink hole. Beyond the gate is a complex maze of more than 10 miles of passage. Many of these passages are low crawls, some of the notable one are referred to as the 800 foot crawl, the two hundred foot crawl, and the tornpeter tube. The lateral extent of the mapped passage is about 2200 feet. The cave has several levels with the vertical extent being almost 300 feet. Perkins cave is noted for having extremely numerous small calcite formations in many passages.

"Development is strongly joint controlled, with the passages trending along sets of major strike-oriented joints that trend NNE and SSW with considerable modification by sets of subordinate, cross joints. The cave is developed in Tonoloway Formation which dips at a low angle to the SE." John Holsinger in Descriptions of Virginia Caves

The Society has opened a second entrance to the cave which is also gated.