NSS Cave Conservation and Management Section Annual Meeting

12:00 pm on Monday 12 July 2004 - NSS Convention.

Conservation Section Home


Call Meeting to Order

Presiding, Rodney Horrocks, Chair

Minutes of Previous Meeting were neither read nor approved

No attendance roster was received by the secretary, but there was a good number present including officers and committee chairs.


Committee Reports

Financial report - Report from Secretary-Treasurer

Evelyn Bradshaw had prepared a report on our finances (a copy is attached).  She is asking to be relieved as secretary-treasurer in part because she has two other accounts in the same branch of the Patriot Bank in Virginia and this causes some difficulty in keeping transactions separate.  She also has secretarial responsibilities with at least two other entities (including the local group of the Sierra Club chapter in Virginia). 

Section website report

John Wilson gave a short report for Rob Stitt


No Report

Awards Committee

Annual Section Award to an NSS Group for Outstanding Conservation Project

John Wilson reported that he had received nominations of high quality.  A judging committee exchange evaluations and agree upon the recipient via the Internet.  Someone to accept the group award for the successful nominee is present at convention, and John Wilson has a check for the award of one hundred dollars from the treasurer to present to the selected recipient.  The rules for this Section award allow both NSS grottos and other NSS organizations such as conservancies or regions.  Grottos may be at a disadvantage compared with organizations that specialize in cave conservation activities. We understand that this will add an additional $100 to our annual budget, so that each will receive the same award as has previously been given to only one recipient. 


Other Reports


Clean Water Act - John Hoffelt called to our attention that recent changes in the federal Clean Water Act may call upon us to authorize a study as to how it affects cave conservation.


What was the motion?


Old Business

Motion to amend the Bylaws to create a Recording Sectary and Treasures officer positions and delete the secretary treasures position. Transfer the appropriate duties of the old position to the two new positions.  Subsequent research indicates that the Bylaws provide for two separate positions of secretary and treasurer.


Motion to elect officers - President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer

Rod Horrocks was elected chairman.

John Wilson was elected Vice Chairman.

Evelyn Bradshaw was elected as Secretary

Eugene Vale was elected Treasurer


Motion to elect the Board of Directors

William Halliday, Jo Schaper and John Hoffelt were nominated. Jo and John were elected.

New Business


A Motion to add another award for Grottos only was referred to the Section Executive Committee.

A Motion to authorize $ 300  ???? to purchase a permanent plaque and certificates for the Group Conservation Award was approved. 


A motion to place “The Conservationist” back issues on the section website was approved.


Recommendations from the section to the NSS Board of Governors regarding conservation policy for referred to the Sub Committee Chair John Wilson




                                                Respectfully submitted,

                                                Evelyn W. Bradshaw, Secretary


The Executive Committee met after the section meeting and approved the Grotto award as a second award.

Other jobs were taken by EC members, such as:

 Scanning the old issues of the Conservationist – Rod

Setting up a new frames based Section web site – John

Spread sheet of Section finances – Gene