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These are included for historical information.  External links may not work.   When files are removed from the local web, the links will be disabled or removed. Note:  As of 12/19/98 some links have been accidentally transferred to another file and I haven't got them sorted out yet.

Updated 02/02/02

  • Wilderness Underground article by Tom LeraCan Underground Wilderness Remain A Reality? (posted 1/14/2001)  No action except reading and posting your opinion on the Cave Conservation Discussion list.  This article has been published in the March 2001 Conservation issue of the NSS NEWS.
  • I just watched a documentary on PBS on the Three Gorges Dam, which is being built across the Yangtze in China and which will have devastating environmental effects.  Although as far as I can tell this is not a Karst protection problem, it is still something we need to be aware of and working on. Check out this web site for more information. (posted 10/16/00)
  • Puerto Rico Land and Water Conservation Act introduced in Congress in June needs your letters and support (Posted 9/7/00)  Act did not pass and is not being currently considered per Tom Lera 8-15-01.
  • Cumberland CTF Reconstituted (just add hot activists and serve). (Posted 3/28/00)
  • Link to new Bat Protection and Cave Protection Laws Site.  This information site includes information produced by Tom Lera, including a summary and the actual text of Federal and State laws that are instrumental in protecting bats and also caves. (Site updated October 2001)
  • LEGO magazine runs article promoting cave vandalism.  Your letters needed. (posted December 10, 1999)
  • A Cave Conservation Discussion List has been established to focus communications among NSS Cave Conservation Issues.  To subscribe, send an e-mail to conservation@caves.org with "Subscribe" in the SUBJECT line.
  • The Proceedings of the 1997 Karst and Cave Management Symposium have at long last been published.  If you attended the Symposium, you should get your copy soon.  If you didn't attend the 1997 Symposium, copies of the proceedings are available from the NSS Bookstore. (10-20-99).  As of May 15, 2000 there are still a few copies not sent because we can't confirm your address.  If you attended and haven't gotten your copy, please email Rob Stitt with your current snail-mail address.
  • See Above! Cave Formations are Being Sold on the Web at E-Bay!  We are working on getting this stopped.  Your help is needed.  Check out the Selling Cave Rocks and Formations page.  If you'd like to help out, e-mail me. (posted 3-12-99). or as of 10/20/99 email David@Jagnow.com . or to Cave Conservation Discussion List at conservation@caves.org (with the word subscribe in the subject line)  As of 9/1/2001, after pressure from cavers, eBay has changed this policy. See the article here. As of Nov 1, Yahoo has also changed their policy.  See the article here.  Thanks to the efforts of Tom Lera and others.  The battle is not over yet but these are significant steps towards the goal of stopping speleothem sales.
  • Iron Curtain Cave in BC, Canada Threatened by Quarrying Operation.  (posted 10/6/98).  This well decorated cave was featured on the Chilliwack field trip at the 1997 NCMS.


  • Black Hills Restoration Camp coming up again in May 2000.  Click here for more information.
  • The 1999 National Cave Management Symposium will be held in October in Chattanooga.  Information is up on the Web now and on-line registration coming soon.  updated.gif (223 bytes)Deadline for abstracts is has been slid to September 1, 1999.  (posted 3/12/99, updated 7/25/99)
  • Letters are needed regarding the final EIS on Strip Mining above Fall Creek Falls in Tennessee, site of the annual TAG Fall Cave-in. The deadline is May 4.  Check here for more information. (Posted 3/29/00)
  • KICK66 Needs Letters about new Plan for Kentucky Highway 66. (Posted 3/28/2000)
  •   updated.gif (223 bytes)Arizona State Parks Employee FIRED for publicly writing an article questioning the wisdom of making Kartchner Caverns a show cave and presenting it to large numbers of the public. Read the article or two news releases (#79 or #80)from Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER).  Get your e-mail skills honed; if the lawsuit doesn't get him his job back, we may have to help.  You can get more information on the CCMS Mailing List (See below). (Posted 3/27/00) Note:  as of 5/15/00 he has gotten his job back.  Read about it on the Conservation Mailing List.
  • Kentucky Cavers and Others Organize KICK 66 to focus opposition to Highway I-66 proposed routes.  I've built them a mini-home page to include all the information.  Items below still go direct to their original page (moved to a new folder).  Added Call for Action #1. (7/25/99)
  • Inputs needed on Proposed expansion of the Cave Protection Zone in Eddy County, New Mexico, USA, which will help protect Lechuguilla and its undiscovered sister caves from future well drilling.  (Posted 7-2-99).  For background information on why we need this, see links from this page.
  • Your letters needed to respond to proposals on Highway I-66 in Kentucky.  (See item below on same subject).  Letters are needed by July 2, 1999Click here for more information about what and where to send. (Posted June 17).  Click Here for a more detailed analysis posted June 24.
  • The Lead Wars Home Page points to all the files related to this issue. (Moot as of 6/00 - the Conservationists won, eventually.)
  • USFS Fees Home Page points to all the resources within this web site on this issue. A refined action plan, petition, and other information are now posted and cross-linked (May 23, 1997). Your letters are needed and will be most effective if received by June 13, 1997. Added a new factsheet page (June 16).  Reorganized and relinked 12/29/97. and Jan 28, 1997. Given that these issues are resolved for the present, this page will soon be removed, as of July 25, 1999)
  • The BLM Issues Home Page points to several files that discuss caving for pay on New Mexico BLM lands and Oil/Gas Drilling near Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico. (Resolved as of 1999)
  • Cave Vandalism Prevention Reward Given to Indiana Caver. (posted 1/23/99)
  • 1999 Black Hills Restoration Camp is coming up.  Deadline for application March 12, 1999. (posted 12/18/98)
  • Clinton signs bill establishing National Cave and Karst Research Institute (NC&KRI) (10/30/98, posted 11/8/98)
  • Doe Run withdraws permit application for lead mining in Missouri (10/27/98)
  • Resolution submitted for NSS Board Approval supporting preservation of the Ewa Karst in Hawaii (posted 10/25/98)
  • Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks Wilderness Planning Process, including proposed Cave Wilderness, needs your inputs. (posted 4/12/99).  Deadline for input:  (TBD -- probably the next few months).
  • Your Inputs needed on Organ Cave Highway Project (link removed at request of George Dasher) by October 19!!   (Posted 9/29/98)
  • Cave Management Internship Available at Jewel Cave.  Apply by November 6, 1998 (Posted 9/5/98)
  • Bermuda Condos threaten Caves.  Posted 8/21/98Update with your inputs needed, posted 8/25/98Read prior article from December 1997.
  • New Issue of Inside Earth (Summer 98) comes out.  (USNPS Cave Newsletter on the Web).  Posted 7/27.
  • West Virginia Cave Conservancy receives its 501(c)3 designation!  you can now make donations directly to them and they will be tax deductible. (Posted 7/27/98)
  • Canadian entrepreneur Barry Sendel lost a contract with the Mexican National Ecology Institute to install dinosaur robots and holographs in the Caves of Cacahuamilpa, south of Mexico City. The project was intended to serve as a model for the privatization and marketing of the country's national wonders. According to reports compiled in the Weekly News Update on the Americas, the concession was withdrawn in July when the Institute learned that Sendel had run out on a $1 million debt after his Montreal dinosaur park went belly up.
    Submitted by Steve Fairchild.  This is an update to an earlier article posted in 1995.  (submitted by Steve Fairchild, March 1998, posted
  • Conservation Session Schedule for 1998 NSS Convention (Posted July 2)
  • West Virginia Cave Conservancy is formed and seeking members and donations for an active cave acquisition program. (Posted 6/21/98. For details, membership application, and address to send your tax-deductible donations to.
  • New Guadalupe Crisis.  Dragons Teeth Threatened.  Inputs needed.  For details. (Posted 5/1/98)
  • Georgia anti-rabies regulation threatens Bat Education Programs.  Basically Bats needs you to write a letter or send an e-mail.
  • Welcome to the Mid-Atlantic Cave Conservancy.   (posted 2/24/98)
  • Church Cave and others caves in Bermuda threatened by development. Your support needed! (Posted 12-1-97)
  • Job Opening  at Onondaga Cave, Missouri (Posted July 17) (As of July 27, they have enough applications)
  • Oregon Caves National Monument Draft General Management Plan and EIS.  Comments due by March 13.
  • US Forest Service responds to Jagnow article and officially agrees to try NSS plan, and hold off on implementation of their fee plan.  Do Not write letters for now.  Stay tuned for more updates.
  • Elm Spring Situation is resolved (Submitted 5/19, actually posted 7/17)
  • Elm Spring Update - from Jo Shaper (2/3/98)
  • CALL FOR PAPERS for 1998 Convention.  If you have a Conservation or Management Paper that you can present at this year's NSS Convention, e-mail your Abstract to George Huppert before May 15!!
  • Dear Karst Conservationist,
    The Indiana Karst Conservancy (IKC) is updating its Conservation Display. We have acquired an exhibition quality mobile display table which we hope to have ready for its maiden voyage at Earth Day Indiana April 25 in
    Indianapolis. We expect an attendance of about 20,000 at this event. The IKC will be providing some of its own display materials as well in addition to our Sinkhole Dumping Brochure. Any posters or display materials which you would like to have seen by or circulated to the public would be greatly appreciated. Please e-mail or ground mail the writer if you have materials which you would like to contribute or have any further questions regarding this event. --Sincerest thanks,
    Nicholas W. Noe, 534 E. Edwards Ave.,
    Indianapolis, IN 46227 317-782-3442 Home, 800-899-3812 Work, 317-371-1529 Cellular nicknoe@msn.com (posted 4/12/98)
  • In case it has not been announced before, currently at the entrances to Target Stores is a free publication "targeted" at children of shoppers, called Earth Savers. The Winter 1998 edition has the entire front page (color) devoted to bats and bat gates. It also has the web page address of the NSS. This is good support for cave resources, as well as aimed at a widespread audience. --Tom Miller (Posted 3/8/98)
  • Action is needed on the US Forest Service Fee Proposal.  Dave Jagnow suggests in a forthcoming NSS NEWS article (preprinted here with permission) that we need to crank up our letter writing machine and let our opinions be known - NOW!  Read the whole history and background on the Fees Home PageRead Jagnows article.  (posted 1/28/98)
  • On April 30, May 1 and 2, 1998, Thursday through Saturday, a cave restoration and lint cleaning camp will be held at Lehman Caves in Great Basin National Park. This park is in east-central Nevada near the community of Baker.  A notice on this cleanup will also appear in the next NSS News. For further information contact:  Dale Green, (801) 277-6417, 4230 Sovereign Way, Salt Lake City, UT 84124 email: dajgreen@burgoyne.com Note:  As of 3/5/98 the Lint Camp is full.  Try again next year.
  • March 14, 1998 (Saturday):  TAG Cave Cultural Resources Workshop.  Fall Creek Falls State Park, Tennessee, 8:30 am to 4:00 pm cst.  Cost is $8.00 per person. Limited to 45 attendees.  Information.   Registration and current attendees list. As of 1/2/98 it's almost full, so register now if you are interested!  If you can't get in, think about putting one on in your region.
  • Cave Vandals Caught in Indiana!  Your inputs to prosecutor needed! (Posted 12-1-97).   Charges have been filed as of 12/18/97.  The caver who caught the vandals is surprised at the low number of  calls to the prosecutor.  Why didn't you call?.  No more emails required.   There were errors in the posting:  no phone number and a wrong address.   I have no way of checking facts on stuff sent to me.  We all need to take care to get our facts and data right! (1-2-98).  Updated 1-5-98. Only thank you letters need to prosecutor.  See the full page for details.
  • Elm Spring near Sullivan, MO (site of 1997 NSS Convention) has dried up due to a change in pumping policy by the Town of Sullivan.   Check out Jo Schaper's web page and communicate your thoughts to the Sullivan town fathers (and mothers) .  Posted November 25.  Your response is needed soon!   Sign Jo's Guestbook, enter your comments.  She will show it to the Town Council.  Update as of 2/1/98.
  • Kentucky Cave Archaeological/Burial Site desecrated and the powers that be ignore it. (posted November 18)
  • 1997 Karst and Cave Symposium Web Page has been updated to include lots of new information about the Symposium, including online registration, schedules, paper list, etc.  This site will continue to be updated with abstracts, papers, etc. until the 1999 symposium occurs. As of  December 18, I have pictures ready to be put up.
  • Lechuguilla may be threatened by more Oil/Gas drilling.  More information coming soon. (posted October 12).  Please e-mail me with info if you have any! (1-2-98)
  • NSS President Dave Luckins responds to USFS Business Plan for Fee Collection.  Posted 9/15/97.  Your comments and inputs to the USFS would help get this issue resolved. As of 10-10-97, the plan is on hold.  If anyone knows current status, please e-mail me. (1-2-98)
  • USFS puts Fee Demo on hold, but it could come back when a decision is made, any time.   (October 10)
  • Papoose Cave (Idaho) Management Plan Released for Comments. Posted 5/2/97. Comments due by June 13, 1997.
  • Cave Conservancy Foundation offers a Karst Fellowship to qualified students.
  • The Next Level with respect to Cave Use Fees in New Mexico and Arizona. Your letters to Congress and others are needed NOW! Posted 3/29/97. Added Texas addresses and a link to a search page 4/8/97.
  • Lecheguilla Restoration. Cave Microbiology and Impacts on Caves. Posted 3/29/97.
  • Scott's Gulf in Tennessee has been closed to recreational access after a recent battle against a sale to timber interests. Your help is needed to help cavers and others convince the State of Tennessee purchase it for a wilderness park. They need to raise $500,000 this year! posted 3/26/97
  • Missouri Lead Wars Action Needed. Dave Jagnow's April NSS NEWS Article. Comments needed ASAP! posted 3-13-97. Published in April 1997 NSS NEWS.
  • The Cave Land Trust Page!
  • Call for Papers and Announcement for the 1997 Karst and Cave Management Symposium (13th National Cave Management Symposium) Deadline for Abstracts changed to June 1, 1997.
  • The 1997 Lint Camp at Wind and Jewel Caves is looking for Volunteers. Deadline March 14 to apply.
  • BLM to sell Significant Caves in Oregon!!! (posted 11-14-96)
  • Cavers win a round in the Missouri Lead Wars. (posted 9-25-96) More on the Lead Wars (submitted 10-15)
  • Dave Jagnow reports to the NSS. Fall 1996 Report to John Wilson. Hot News Flashes! Volunteer Positions Available!
  • Puerto Rican Karst is Threatened by Urbanization. Details coming soon. [They never sent me the information, so . . .]
  • Lechuguilla Drilling has FINISHED! A hot flash from Dave Jagnow reveals that Yates has given up and plugged the well! More details are here! from August 1996
  • Lechuguilla Drilling has started! Read an update by John Lyles dated June 27, 1996. Probably nothing we can do but say "I told you so!"
  • The Section's Annual Conservation Award (for 1996) to an NSS Internal Organization was given to The Oregon Grotto. The NSS Conservation Award went to George Huppert.
  • USFS Issues Proposal for Fees for Caving in the Guadalupes . As of August 17, 1996 this issue, formerly thought dead, has come back to life. Detailed information coming soon. (See Above).
  • Kazumura Cave (world's longest lava tube) threatened by a road building project. Letters needed. 12/12/95 Update. Letters Still Needed! See article in November 1995 NSS News for more information about the cave! 12/19/95 Update. Partial success but letters still needed!!! As of January 17, there are signs of possible cooperation developing between the government and the cavers-but don't hold your breath. More information soon. As of 2/9, a note from Bill says things are under control and the caves are saved. As of 3/9, more info has been received and will be posted soon; including the draft EIS and a letter from Bill praising it. Comments deadline is March 25, 1996. Well, as of April 6 I still don't have it posted. The bottom line is the situation is apparently well in hand. I'll post more when I hear if from Bill. As of August 17, Bill reports that the fact that this information was posted on the Internet was a big factor in tipping the balance towards preserving the caves. More on this later.
  • Read the Blackwell Report on Karst in a Forested Environment - Vancouver Island, Canada.
  • Cave Formations for sale in Hong Kong.
  • Gordon Mothes, owner of the Friars Hole Cave Preserve in West Virginia, died of a heart attack on March 5. At his request, there will be no funeral. (email from Dave Cowan - 3/7/96)
  • Find out how to participate in the 1996 Black Hills Lint Camp. Experts in Cleaning and Restoring Wet Formations are also needed. Deadline is March 15 for applying.
  • BLM Cave for Pay Issue: Petition that was submitted to the BLM Note: A new BLM issue has arisen (Commercial Cave Guides) and information updated to May 25 has been posted. Results of the June 15 meeting between cavers and the BLM. BLM Issues its [predictable] Findings (August 23)
  • New Mexico BLM Does it to us AGAIN! But it should be fixed by now (Nov 28)
  • Portuguese Coa Dam Issue and Web Page for it (in Portuguese and English). This has been resolved according to an article in Archaeology Magazine.
  • Development threatened at Mexico's Cacahuamilpa Cave. If you know anything new, please email us with details.
  • IUCN Guidelines for Cave and Karst Protection Draft - All comments should have been submitted by now! (February 9, 1996) You can follow the process through via this link.
  • Dave Jagnow named NSS Conservation Chairman (coming eventually, when we get him on the Internet).
  • He issues a hot request for letters to Congress about the Tongass National Forest Logging Bill. (September 95). Read about the issues in an article from the October 1 Juneau Empire.