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  • Tongass National Forest The US Forest Service has released a draft management plan for the forest that includes NO wilderness protection.  Take a look at the issues on the SEACC site and get involved. (Posted August 5, 2002)
  • The 2002 Group Conservation Award has been awarded to the Ozark Highlands Grotto.
  • The Conservation and Management Section's Group Conservation Award procedures and criteria is posted at the Cave Conservancies Web site:
  • Carlsbad Caverns Postcard   Tom Lera reports that on June 30th, the United States Post office will issue a new postal card with the imprinted stamp of Carlsbad Caverns.  In 2002, a cave stamp and 4 bat stamps -- after 142 years of drought finally recognition. You can go to any post office on or after June 30th and get these postal cards. Click on the image below to see it full screen size. [Posted April 22, 2002]

  • There have been some updates to the Ultimate Cave Law site, including a new NSS/NPS MOU and some revised state laws.
  • New Web Site and Magazine feature Cave Digging. and  appear to the front end for a slick popular sales caving organization and magazine.  They do have an article on Conservation headlined on the picture of their first issue that is on their web page.  They requested that I give them this link, so here it is. I would suggest that appropriate letters to the editor might convince them to be more responsible.  I realize that cave digging and blasting seems to be accepted by a large portion of the caving community, but this is basic hypocrisy.  And it gets worse when blasting becomes an acceptable activity for large numbers of cavers.  We can only hope that Osama Bin Laden ruined blasting for them for a few years.  Perhaps by the time this country settles back to normal their penchant for blasting will have died down some, or at least their magazine will die out. Note:  I have had an e-mail message demanding that I remove the Osama Bin Laden reference from this note.  That is an editorial opinion of mine, and I stand by it. 
  • I was also requested to link to ankara caving, a Turkish site, so here it is also.  It doesn't appear to have any redeeming conservation value, but it does have a link page to Adventure Races.  Fortunately none of the ones linked to featured racing through caves, but this may be a good site to enable us to quickly review adventure races to make sure they aren't featuring cave races.
  • Black Hills Restoration Camp application deadline is April 19, 2002.  Camp will be held June 7-10, 2002. ( Posted 1/10/02.)
  • Missouri Cave and Karst Conservancy webpage updated.  Check it out via this link. (posted 1/10/02)
  • New Conservation Editor needed for Journal of Cave and Karst Studies.  Contact Louise Hose. (posted 12/23/01)
  • Iron Curtain Cave Vandalized!  One of the most decorated caves on mainland British Columbia has been vandalized.  (posted 11-03-01)
  • Cave and Bat Protection Law Site updated.  The site has been updated to reflect recent changes in NSS Memoranda of Understanding.
  • World Heritage Site and Longest Cave in the World Mammoth Cave in Kentucky Threatened by proposed Airport.  An upcoming article in the NSS NEWS by Paul Steward will reveal the details, which are also posted on Roger Brucker's Web site18 Karst Scientists have challenged the Airport developers to fund a real study of the impact on Mammoth Cave. Your inputs are needed--see the NSS NEWS article. If you'd like to see the Airport Developer  position check out the ITA Web Site, where among other things they have published the full text of their inadequate Environmental Assessment. They are requesting your inputs to their Biological Study Plan. (Posted 8-17-01)updated.gif (223 bytes)As of 9/7/01 Dave Jagnow has requested letters be sent to selected members of Congress opposing funding for the TransparkContact Dave for further information. (posted 9/7/01).
  • updated.gif (223 bytes)George Huppert Dies in car crash on the way to the National Cave Management Symposium.  Huppert Memoriam Page.  (Posted November 2, 2001).
  • Yahoo Changes Policy to prohibit Speleothem Sales (Posted 11-03-01)
  • eBay Changes Artifacts Policy To Help Protect Speleothems (posted 9-3-01)
  • NSS Conservation Committee Web Page established (posted 6-28-01)
  • Oregon Caves National Monument threatened by Spelunker Tours.  The NPS has issued a "Categorical Exclusion" that rules out an Environmental Impact Statement and is implementing Spelunking Tours in a sensitive area of Oregon Caves.  This action is strongly opposed by the local caving community, including the Klamath Mountains Conservation Task force and the Friends of the Oregon Caves. Your inputs to the (Posted 8-03-01)

2001 Conservation Sessions Abstracts and Schedule posted. (6-28-01)